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Saudi Arabia and Riyadh Airlines: Saudi Arabia grants Boeing a large order of Dreamliner aircraft

Saudi Arabian Airlines and Riyadh Air are expanding their long-haul fleets to carry more guests through their hubs into the country. The two Saudi airlines have ordered up to 121 Boeing 787s.

Vision 2030 is what the country’s leadership calls the strategy through which they want to give Saudi Arabia a bright future even without oil. Tourism plays a central role in this. One day, the country is expected to be visited by 100 million travelers annually, which is larger than Mexico or Indonesia and offers snow-capped mountains as well as historical sites, beaches, deserts, and oases.

In order to achieve the goal, the Kingdom is working to expand the existing national airline routes. Saudi Arabia ordered another 39 Boeing 787s, announced on Tuesday (March 14). At the same time, the airline has secured an option for ten more copies. The split between the Boeing 787-9 and 787-10 is not definitively defined.

The request is not completely final yet

But this did not satisfy the Saudis’ hunger. The new national airline also gives Boeing a large order. Riyadh Airlines has ordered 39 Dreamliners in the 787-9 model. At the same time, the airline, which has just been officially launched, has secured an option for another 33 Boeing 787-9s. It is also expected to ask Airbus to be able to achieve the growth target.

Both things are not final yet. But given Saudi Arabia’s ambitious plans and financial might, it will soon be constrained.

By 2030, Saudi Arabia wants 330 million passengers annually

In 2030, Saudi Arabia wants to count 330 million passengers annually – three times the current number. By then, the new Riyadh Airlines plans to fly to more than 100 destinations around the world. With its base in Riyadh, it is geared more towards business customers and people who change flights, while Saudi Arabian Airlines will focus on tourist guests with its base in Jeddah.