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Sarah Dreyer with second place in small ball

Sarah Dreyer with second place in small ball


Sarah Dryer:
“My goal, of course, was to take the little ball home with me. However, after severe knee pain the last couple of weeks, I had some doubts about whether this would work. But thanks to our physiotherapist, I was able to run a pain-free race with Very happy with second place and victory in the World Cup Vertical Overall Championship.

Joanna Hemmer:
“I was a little bit expecting that the altitude and the route would not suit me 100%. In this regard, I am very satisfied with today's result. Tomorrow's individual race should suit me more, so I'm already looking forward to the higher discipline.”

Christoph Hochenwarter:
“I can finish the season pretty well with fourth place. I've been on my way to getting on the podium again for a long time, but in the end I missed it a bit. The bottom line is that I can look forward to my most successful World Cup season to date, and it feels great to get started.” Summer preparations this way.

Daniel Janal:
“Finally, the top 5 results we were hoping for. I'm really happy and I had a strong header. At first I fell back a little bit, but now I know I don't have to be nervous because I keep moving forward as the race goes on. Tomorrow, the individual is still in the programme, and it will be This is definitely another highlight in this beautiful high alpine landscape.

Paul Verbenjak:
“Today's result was very important for me personally. The second half of the season was very mixed due to illness, so it's great to finally be in the top ten again.