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Sarah Connor comments on Anwar Shawish

Sarah Connor comments on Anwar Shawish

  • After blind auditions and fights, “The Voice of Germany” was followed by lyrical songs.
  • At Sing Offs, talents who have made it this far struggle for a hot seat. There are three hot seats for each team.
  • This year you can vote to decide who should apply. Coaches are last.
  • Summing up everything important for “Voice of Germany” season 11.
  • The second singing episode for reading.

+++ Update +++

The departure of Anwar Shaweesh caused turmoil in Sarah Connor’s team. Before her team’s talents showed up, the coach commented:

“Yes, I am very sorry. […] It was a huge shock to me too. I’m with the inclusion, but I want to understand why someone – I think there are reasons when someone treats another person in an insulting way. That’s why I’ve had many intense discussions with my team over the past few days. But the result – and I feel very sorry for Anwar himself – because for me he was someone who could go straight to the final… I’m sorry for him and his story. Unfortunately, his journey on The Voice is now over. ProSieben and Bildergarten decided this because they did not follow the rules that apply here. That’s why it has caused so much turmoil in my team the past few days, which was previously considered the favorite all around. That is why we now need more of your support and your support here in this room. […] So that my talents can perform today with an open heart, so that you can free yourself. To give what you can. You are amazing voices. You all deserve it here. Now let’s put in a good show and have some fun.”


In the clip: The Hot Seat Award winners: Sarah Connor’s team

Dear friends of “The Voice of Germany”: If you return exactly this evening in Team Sarah, you will quickly discover that Sarah’s team is a little smaller than it was at the end of the fights.

Two talents that don’t appear in “The Voice” songs today

Anton has already announced that he has decided not to continue for personal reasons.

With Anouar Chauech, SAT.1, ProSieben, #TheVoice and production company Bildergarten they have decided he will not be allowed to compete today. We have to take Anwar out of the competition. why? In the course of the exercises, he repeatedly violated the values ​​​​that the “Voice” represented: justice and respectful interaction with each other.

We wish both of them all the best in the world for their future. And all have fun tonight with “The Voice of Germany”. Live course.

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