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Sarah Bachmann tells Rito Scherer why she canceled her job at SRF

Sarah Bachmann speaking in “Attention, Rito, Go!” About love, lust and frustration

“My dog ​​comes in front of the man”

Sarah Bachmann and Ritu Scherer. Two, both talking like a bullet train, don’t take long to end up with tiny photo-revealing lines and a failed job at SRF. You can see all this on the Blick TV action show “Attention, Rito, Los!”

You are one of the mediators of the denominations in Switzerland. Your common denominator? quick mouth What became one of his trademarks for Reto Scherrer (46) became a stumbling block for Sarah Bachmann (43) on Swiss TV.

However, she made her way, and her own show “Sarah Matts” is still known to many even today, even if it hasn’t been around for five years. Two, both talking briskly, eight minutes is enough for them to talk about their clumsy pickup lines or their revealing Instagram photos and why Bachmann’s dog Arya is getting ahead of the guy.