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Sao Paulo authorities tighten restrictions on Govt-19

The governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Toria, informed residents of the Brazilian state on Thursday that strong control measures would be put in place to deal with Covit-19 until Monday, March 15, to prevent the collapse of the local health system.

During a press conference at the Palacio dos Pontirandas, the state government’s location, the official initially explained that the measures would be in effect for 15 days.

He announced that the curfew order would apply from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am local time, at which time people should be at home and informed.

He noted that activities in a total of 14 sectors of the economy will be reduced or paralyzed, however there will be no locking up, he said.

Toria announced that public transportation would continue, but suggested that companies reduce their staff entry and exit times to reduce congestion on buses and trains.

He announced that public schools that were supposed to serve vulnerable students would be closed and only partially open. As for the private school network, the variation of closure would be optional, he said.

Beaches and parks will remain closed, he said. He added that football and other sporting events would be discontinued.

The governor of Sao Paulo noted that the suspension would apply to non-essential offices and services, as well as religious services. In this regard, churches will be kept open so that church members can pray alone.

He also said supermarkets and pharmacies would be open, but people were told not to see them after 8:00 pm local time.

With regard to companies selling food, he noted that they can operate through the distribution system, but they are not allowed to sell at the facility.

As for the city of S பாo Paulo, Toria noted that these and other activities are estimated to help reduce daily circulation by four million people. The city has a population of 12 million.

The officer also sought the understanding of the citizens. He assured that due to the lack of adequate vaccines, they have only the solution for physical distance and they face the most dangerous corona virus.

At the press conference, Secretary of State Jean-Gorinstein noted that many hospitals were “compromised” and overcrowded. As of Thursday, 53 municipalities had 100 percent bed facilities.