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Sandra Holser: Strong female roles – Golden Globe coming soon?  – culture

Sandra Holser: Strong female roles – Golden Globe coming soon? – culture


German Sandra Holser is the actress of this moment. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in Anatomie d'une chute. What does your success mean to the world of cinema?

The Los Angeles Times described Sandra Holser as the “Queen of Cannes” this spring. “The Zone Of Interest” premiered there, and “Anatomie d'une chute” won the main prize. Holser plays the lead role in both films.

She was nominated for a European Film Award for both roles, something that had never happened before in the award's history. She took it home with her for “Anatomie d'une chute,” for which she is now also nominated for a Golden Globe.

A role written specifically for her

In “Anatomie d'une chute”, Sandra Holser plays Sandra Voiter. A successful writer is accused of killing her husband. The role was written specifically for Holser.

Sandra Voyter is a self-sufficient and confident woman who does not fit any gender stereotypes. That's what ultimately convinced Holser about the script, she says in the interview.

Challenging personality

Whether or not you believe Sandra Voiter in the numerous court scenes in “Anatomie d'une chute” depends on who watches the film. Sandra Holser says that the figure will appear cold, vague and loveless to men. On the other hand, women show their solidarity with Sandra Voyter.

“We didn't want to make her likable,” Holser explains. It is a number that consciously aims to challenge. Because it simply does not serve certain feelings. She is a “bad victim.”

Holser can be funny, too

The drama “Anatomie d'une chute” was not the first successful collaboration with French director Justine Triet. In 2019, Holser played an overly ambitious director in “Sybil” who learns of her actor husband's affair with a colleague.

In this comedy, she delivers one of the funniest scenes in European cinema in recent years: she stages a fake kissing scene between her husband and his lover – and suffers a nervous breakdown in the process.

Sandra Holser won her first European Film Award in 2016: for her role as a workaholic businesswoman in «Toni Erdmann,” who is overwhelmed by her father’s advances.

Man (left) and woman (right), woman talking on the phone.

Last year, she proved that she could provide comedy in the movie “Me and Sisi.” She plays a lady-in-waiting who desperately wants to please the eccentric Empress and has to bend to ridiculous court customs.

Holler's comedic roles have one thing in common: they are ambitious women with strong inner tension. Women who want to present a censored image to the outside world – and fail spectacularly at it.

Gradual success

Even in comedies, Sandra Holser is not shy about playing complex women – women who challenge our viewing habits and do not want to seduce the audience. The fact that Sandra Holser is famous for her work proves that these women belong on the screen.

Successes in German-speaking countries

Open the box
Close the box

Although Sandra Holser is now known to many, the German actress already had an impressive career before these international successes. Sandra Holser has been awarded Theater Actress of the Year four times.

Participations also took her to Switzerland: from 2002 to 2006 she was a member of the Basel Theater Company. She received her first major film role in the film “Requiem” in 2006, for which she won the German Film Award.

A Golden Globe nomination for a role that particularly upsets men shows that cinema is changing.

We will find out on the night of January 7 and 8 whether Holser will become the “Queen of Hollywood” after being the “Queen of Cannes.” Then the Golden Globe Awards ceremony will take place.