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Sandra Bonner doesn't look like this anymore

Sandra Bonner doesn’t look like this anymore

Sandra Bonner has worked with SRF Meteo since October 2002.


“Meteo” presenter Sandra Bonner is one of the most famous faces of SRF – and her red sweats are their trademark. Now the Solothurn woman has a new look. The reactions are mixed.

been playing for a long time Sandra Bonner 47, a new hair color. In the summer, she ventured with her hairstylist Martin Dornmatt A first step towards blonde.

“First in ginger and eventually toward platinum blonde,” says Dornmatt, the hairstylist who many celebrities love. Stephanie Heinsmann Or trust Viola Tami.

Why the new look? “We wanted to try something new, to get some fresh air. It’s always boring looking, says Opfikon ZH hairstylist.

And to what extent can the SRF design team have a say when it comes to the appearance of the characters? “You can have an opinion. Above all, it’s about making them feel good,” says Dürnmatt.

Divided opinion

TV viewers’ reactions to the platinum-blonde Sandra Bonner were mixed, says Dürrenmatt: “A lot of people found her red hair beautiful. But there were really great reactions.”

Sandra Bonner explains in “20 minutes” Desire for the new look is like this: “In the present gray, bleak times I felt like a change.”

It works fine all over, it’s healthy and that’s the greatest gift anyway. Bonner developed breast cancer in April 2018 and took a break from television to recover. It has been fully operational again since summer 2019.

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