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Sanchi Park: “That’s so cool!”  His singing inspires everyone

Sanchi Park: “That’s so cool!” His singing inspires everyone

Sanchery Park

“It’s so good!” His singing inspires everyone

Lederhosen, traditional jacket and hat with gamsbart: South Korean Sancherry Park hits viral with a Swiss yodel. 20 minutes reveals how he got into yodelling.


South Korean Sanchi Park sings on TikTok – and with great success.

TikTok / Dongjin 2023

  • South Korea’s Sanchiri Park has been yodelling in full costume for over 30 years.

  • In a video on Tiktok, he sang a classic song from the Bernese Oberland.

  • 20 minutes reveals how he got into yodelling.

“Our Bernese Oberland is so far and widely known all over the world,” South Korean Sanchiri Park (48) sings in a video that has already reached more than 100,000 views on Tiktok at this point. There are hundreds of videos on his channels featuring the man from Daegu Alpine costume yodel.

However, on his Tiktok channel he not only offers Alpine yodels like “Aus Freude am Leben”, but also American classics like “Lovesick Blues” or his own creations like “Love for Yodels”. In an interview with 20 Minutes, Park explained that Bernese Oberland– Yodel sang in a particularly clear voice.

“When I got teased for the first time, my mother thought I was going to cry.”

“When I first teased, my mother thought I was going to cry,” Park writes when asked 20 minutes ago. In his sophomore year of high school, he happened to watch a show on TV that featured yodelling. He then taught himself how to sing with the books and videos of Korean yodeling icon Kim Hong Chul. He has been jotting for over 30 years, at first mainly for himself. “As a somewhat introverted person, yodelling has given me so much courage, hope, and self-confidence.”

“A few years ago I uploaded a video to Youtube, and it was a huge hit. It got a lot of views and every broadcaster in Korea asked for it. As a result, I started appearing in a lot of shows,” Park wrote. Feedback from the audience has always been positive; Park describes how he often hears how his singing cheers people up and takes them out of their daily lives.

In 2019, he plans to go to Europe to travel in the Alps. However, the pandemic prevented that. “I still want to go to the places where yodelling originally came from,” says Park.

“But I can sing in Swiss German.”

In one of the comments below, his performer Jodel Bernese Oberland writes that he is currently learning German so that he can sing the texts more authentically. He also teaches yodel courses at a university and has uploaded some yodel lessons. He even advertises in a video for Kellogg’s “Real Granola” muesli by singing along.

A user asks Park if he really speaks Swiss German; He replied in Korean: “I don’t speak Swiss German, I only sing, but I can sing in Swiss German.” Another user wrote: “Unbelievable! I’m Swiss myself and this is absolutely amazing! Park replied: “It feels good to know you from the Swiss. Thank you very much.”

On the “Niemols Nie” podcast, our host Stefan tried yodeling:

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