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San Francisco: A traveler tracks down the Airpods and finds them on an airport employee

San Francisco: A traveler tracks down the Airpods and finds them on an airport employee

San Francisco

Passengers track their Airpods — and find them in the homes of airport employees

Right after her flight from San Francisco, Elizabeth Hayden realized she had left her headphones on the seat. But they did disappear – only to reappear at the home of an airport employee.


Elizabeth Hayden forgot her jacket on the plane but was not allowed back in the aisle to get it.

Facebook/Elizabeth Hayden

  • One of the flight passengers forgot her denim jacket on the seat, but she was no longer allowed to get it herself.

  • When she retrieved it from a flight attendant, her Airpods were missing.

  • You played a detective and, thanks to the trace, found out where they went.

On the plane, after landing in San Francisco, Elizabeth Hayden remembered leaving her denim jacket on the back seat left on the plane king. She wanted to return to her row of seats, but the flight attendant refused her, citing the law. I bring the jacket to Hayden and I hitchhike home for the flight back to Seattle. Hayden is tired of the nine-hour flight from Tokyo, where she is visiting her husband, who is serving in the army. And when a baby girl started screaming next to her, she was glad she had her Airpods with her, according to CNN.

Snapshots taken during the flight

But then she realized that the pocket in her jacket had been ripped open and the $250 worth of tools were missing. The plane had already taken off, but Hayden used the onboard WLAN and activated it tracking application. Then I took screenshots throughout the flight and watched the speakers move—first in a cordoned-off cargo area at the airport, from there to Terminal 2, to Terminal 3, and finally along Highway 101 to San Mateo. There they “landed” in a residential area and remained motionless for three days.

According to Hayden, the earbuds’ batteries should have been empty long ago, but they still continued to respond days later — a sign that they were connected to an iPhone. Hayden also enabled the “stolen” feature so any user would hear a message saying the parts belonged to Hayden.

A helpful cop guarantees a happy ending

In parallel, Elizabeth Hayden told United Airlines, the airport And the police. The passenger listened to many apologies. But she wasn’t getting any real help—until a San Mateo police detective located the earphones as the home of an airport worker who brought food to the planes. The man was questioned and denied having the Airpods – until the police officer showed him the footage of Hayden. He then states that he received it from a cleaning lady, but she doesn’t know anything about it. The case is now before the court.

Eventually, after 12 days, Hayden got her Airpods back, albeit with minor damage. The Seattle woman explained that they are very important to her because they keep her connected to her husband. When CNN finally investigated the case, United later awarded it $271.91 for the new horns and 5,000 free miles in compensation. “I am persistent, but what do people who give up or who don’t have time do?” the woman asks herself. “How many people get, ‘You left your stuff, what do you expect’? He listens?”

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