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Samus Aran's story continues

Samus Aran’s story continues

The latest installment in the “Metroid” series, Metroid Dread, will release on the 8th of October on the Nintendo Switch.

The basics in brief

  • On October 8th, “Metroid Dread”, the latest installment in the “Metroid” series, will be launched.
  • The first part of the series appeared in 1986.

In “Metroid Dread” there is a meeting with Bounty hunter Samos Aran. It will be released on October 8th New part of the series On Nintendo Switch.

“Metroid Dread” knüpft, “Metroid Fusion” and

Already in Metroid fusion“The bounty hunter had a fierce battle against the X-Parasites that threaten the galaxy. She even had to fight a replica of herself called SA-X. This was due to an infection with X parasites.

In the movie Metroid Dread, Samus now receives information that the X parasites have not been completely eradicated after all. Now you embark on a new mission to finally eradicate the parasites.

The official announcement trailer for the game.

New and improved functions

like nintendo He writes on his official website, there are some new features. In addition, the existing functionality has been improved. New additions include the slide and magnetic walls that you can climb on. In addition, free aiming and fast attacking have been improved.

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