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Samsung pulls ripcord: German Galaxy users should now also get the best smartphone performance

Samsung pulls ripcord: German Galaxy users should now also get the best smartphone performance

In July, Samsung Electronics launched a Combined Working Team (TF) for its semiconductor and smartphone divisions with about 1,000 employees. The goal is to release only the first Galaxy chip in 2025, presumably in the Samsung Galaxy S25 series.

The “Galaxy Silicon” should surpass the “Apple Silicon” chip developed by Apple itself. Although Samsung Electronics is the world leader in memory semiconductors, its processor competitiveness is limited. This plan aims to re-establish global leadership by securing semiconductor design capabilities and memory semiconductor production technology.

It is internally known that Samsung’s goal is to “make their dream chip”. The official start is scheduled for July. The team is led by Roh Tae Moon, Director of the Mobile Experience (MX) Business Unit and Park Young In, Director of the LSI System Business Unit (President). A large number of employees who previously worked at Exynos and the LSI division will be joining the team. There will likely be over 1,000 people in the task force by the end.

Samsung Galaxy S23 and S24: full switch to Snapdragon chips in the planning

Unlike the Galaxy S22, the manufacturer will probably want to use Snapdragon chips around the world for successors.

Chip / Marcus Kampf

Samsung is set to ditch the Exynos chip for the first time in the upcoming Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24 series. Instead, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or its successor will be used. Because it is said internally that it has been decided that Exynos should not be developed any further. The criticism of the SoC has allegedly been too much in recent years, so Samsung has now pulled the ripcord.

The potential Samsung Galaxy S25 series will only be equipped with a Samsung chip back in 2025. It was previously referred to as “Galaxy Silicon”. What it will be called in the end remains to be seen.

The origin of this post first appeared in Schmidty’s blog.