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The-Freestyle-Press-release-main2 Samsung stellt tragbaren Projektor “The Freestyle” vor  Gadgets

Samsung introduces ‘The Freestyle’ portable projector

At CES, Samsung introduced the portable projector The Freestyle. It should be more flexible to use than other devices in this class.

At first glance, one could mistake the Free Style style vase to be somewhat distorted. Its unusual shape gives it the ability to rotate in almost all directions. According to Samsung, this should exactly match the main purpose: the ability to display an image on a variety of surfaces. Thanks to its portability, Freestyle can display its image on walls, ceilings, tables, and the floor.

The-Freestyle-Press-release-main1 Samsung introduces the portable projector

Thanks to the intelligent suspension system, the Freestyle can stand out on the roof

Trapezoidal correction and focus are performed automatically. The projector also takes care of the horizontal alignment of the image. In order to be able to project on a table or floor, Samsung wants to offer a stand on which the projector can be fixed to the floor or a table lamp like a light bulb. Freestyle offers a user interface similar to existing Samsung Smart TVs. Content can be streamed from the smartphone via AirPlay 2 and Google Cast. “The Freestyle” also masters all kinds of tools such as light effects on music and “ambient mode”. The projector has a USB-C connection for power supply and microHDMI for laptops or game consoles.

Screenshot-2022-01-10-at-14.42.24 Samsung introduces the portable projector

Possible screen diagonals range from 30 to 100

The built-in battery and speaker make the Freestyle even more portable. In addition to the lamp holder, there are other accessories. Among other things, a platform with an integrated battery, various covers and transport bags. Technical data for the free version is less interesting to read. 1080 x 1920 pixels, contemporary resolution. At a distance of 2.7 meters, it is already possible to get a 100-inch image. The specified brightness is 550 lumens. In the US, The Freestyle can be pre-ordered for $900.