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Samsung introduces its new stylish smart screen M8 series - Samsung UK Newsroom

Samsung introduces its new stylish smart screen M8 series – Samsung UK Newsroom

Samsung introduces the new M8 series of smart displays. The model impresses with the elegant design language typical of Samsung and is offered in four new colors: warm white, sunset pink, light blue and spring green. The new Smart Monitor series is equipped with a 32-inch UHD display and the modern SlimFit magnetic and detachable webcam.

Available in four modern colors and equipped with a SlimFit camera

First introduced in November 2020, Samsung’s Smart Monitor series belongs to the modern All-in-One range of monitors and combines high functionality and entertainment features for the living room or home study. M8 is not just a monitor, it provides access to broadcast TV shows via WLAN1 Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV without connecting to a computer or TV.

The M8 Smart Display combines space savings, work efficiency – and elegant design. The new model is just 11.4mm deep, and about 75 percent flatter than previous models. The sleek and timeless flat back design of the new Smart Monitor series complements the four available housing colors and thus blends seamlessly into any individual living environment.

“We wanted to create a product that would reflect the lifestyle of as many people as possible,” says Stephen Pollock, Head of CE Display Product and Operations Management at Samsung Electronics GmbH. “The four different housing colors of the M8 smart display are derived from the color scheme found in nature. Looking up at a clear blue sky on a bright summer day, replenishing your energy reserves in the lush greenery of a forest or enjoying the last rays of sunset in the evening.”

Productivity and efficiency in the home office

The M8 smart monitor provides a comfortable home office environment even without a connected PC, as it can be paired with a wide range of devices via the updated Smart Hub. Workspace’s user interface provides almost all the tools needed to work on the screen. With their help, the user can wirelessly connect to a Windows or Mac computer and use services such as Samsung DeX, Apple AirPlay 2, or Microsoft 365 cloud service2 to use. Smartphone content can also be mirrored on the M8 smart screen.

In addition, the new smart display has a magnetic and detachable SlimFit Cam. They are connected directly to the monitor, ensuring plenty of demand and little cable clutter on the desk. The SlimFit camera impresses with features such as facial recognition and an auto-zoom function – suitable for active presentations or live broadcasts. In addition, the Smart Monitor M8 supports video chat applications such as Google Duo, so that the SlimFit Cam can also be used remotely via video conference.

The new smart screen is also the control center of the smart home

Integrated with Samsung SmartThings, all compatible smart devices can be connected and managed via the Smart Monitor M8. The SmartThings app organizes the convenient control of all IoT devices in the home. Its intuitively designed and easy-to-use interface displays all the devices connected to the M8, including smart plugs on the network3 and light switch.

The device is also equipped with a long-range voice microphone that it uses to control assistants like Bixby and Amazon Alexa via voice commands.4. The microphone has an “Always On Voice” function, which can display Bixby voice commands even when the screen is off.

In addition to the monitor’s many functions, the monitor offers adaptive image technology that automatically adjusts brightness and color temperature. The M8 smart screen is height adjustable (HAS) and tilt, thus providing convenient placement for almost all purposes.

The Smart Monitor M8 has been awarded the CES Innovation Award by the CTA (Consumer Technology Association) for its innovative display technologies.

Samsung M8 Smart Screen is now spreading all over the world5 Various colors and specifications can be pre-ordered. For more information, please visit the website:

1 Availability of the streaming service varies by country. Subscriptions may be required.
2 Microsoft 365 account required.
3 A separate SmartThings dongle (VG-STDB10A) is required to connect to Zigbee devices (connection to Z-Wave devices not supported.) The VG-STDB10A will be available for purchase in April.
4 Amazon Alexa availability varies by country.
5 The pre-order schedule varies by country.