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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: This is how you set up Google Pay

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: This is how you set up Google Pay


With the Galaxy Watch 4, you can also pay without touching. In this article, we will show you how to set up Google Pay on your Samsung watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 also allows payments with Google Pay. (Source: Samsung)

The Galaxy Watch 4 he is Samsung first smart watchWhich, in addition to the internal payment service Samsung Pay, also supports Google Pay and thus covers a wide range of contactless payments.

But how do I judge? Google Pay On my Galaxy Watch 4? We’ll show you step by step in this article.

Set up Google Pay: Certain precautions are required

Before we get to the actual setup process, there are a few things you need to do first to get Google Pay on your Galaxy Watch 4. This includes setting up a screen lock in the watch settings. You can’t set up Google Pay without a screen lock with a PIN or pattern.

The Google Pay app must also be downloaded from the Play Store on the watch. You should also make sure that the watch is connected to a Google account and that the NFC function is active in the settings. Once you have identified all these points, you can proceed.

Set up Google Pay: How it works on Galaxy Watch 4

Below we will show you how to set up Google Pay on Galaxy Watch 4 step by step.

On the smartwatch, swipe up on the home screen to go to the apps list.

Watch 4_1

The Google Pay app opens.

Watch 42

Now let’s continue on mobile. Choose the card you want to set up for Google Pay or add a new card below. Provide your card details, billing address, and follow up.


Confirm your bank statement by clicking on “Accept and Continue”. Depending on your bank and your card, you may need to identify yourself at this point. Follow the onscreen instructions here.

Click Done at the bottom to complete the setup. Google Pay is now set up on the Galaxy Watch 4. To use the watch to pay at the supermarket or ticket machine, you must unlock the watch and open the Google Pay app.


Our advice: The Google Pay app sets as a quick action when you double-click the home button in the watch’s settings. So you don’t have to scroll the clock at the checkout from the supermarket to be able to pay.

In another guide, we’ll show you how to do it Music transferred to Galaxy Watch 4.

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