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Beach volleyball in Gmund: Samira Ross and Hana Zeitzel in first place

Photos: Zimmermann

In the best women’s beach volleyball tournament in Gmunder Johannesplatz on Saturday, the local champion won first place. Samira Roos (VfR Umkirch) of Schwäbisch Gmünd and Hannah Zetzl (USC Freiburg) won the final against Marion Brunner/Sandra Thomalla in two sets.

Saturday 14 August 2021
Alex Vogt
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Six women’s teams competed in this tournament at the Baden-Württemberg Beach Tour in Playa de Gamundia. Gmünd’s Samira Ross (VfR Umkirch) played four matches with Hannah Zitzl (USC Freiburg), both winning without losing a set. 2:0. In the final, Ross and Zetzel win themselves over with it 15th:10 And 15th:8 Championship victory over Marion Brunner (TSV Dettingen) / Sandra Tomala (DJK Augsburg Hochzoll).

DJK Gmünd’s Svenja Baur and Alisia Weber landed in sixth.

You can read more about the beach volleyball tournament in Rems newspaper 16. August.

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