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Sam Ryder for the UK at ESC 2022: Good Opportunities with “Space Man”

Sam Ryder for the UK at ESC 2022: Good Opportunities with “Space Man”

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ESC 2022: Sam Ryder represents the United Kingdom

Eurovision Song Contest 2022: All information about the music event

Eurovision Song Contest 2022: All information about the music event

Following the success of the Italian band “MÃ¥neskin” at the last ESC, the competition will take place in Turin this year. The time has come in mid-May. Germany’s candidate has already been determined.

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With a powerful voice and a lot of humor, Sam Ryder represents the UK at ESC. Chances are good for him.

Turin. It is probably one of the most beautiful songs in music Euro Vision Song Contest 2022: Contribution to “Space Man” United Kingdom, Sung by Sam Ryder. Bookmakers also see more chances of success for Britain and certainly see him in the top five.

Not much is known about the actual selection process of the candidate because the UK again dismissed a public preliminary vote. Despite a series of rumors surrounding the participation of singer Jesse Jay or singer-songwriter Chelsea Crimes, it was not released in March who would sing in May. ESC Turin will compete. The winning song was even released weeks ago.

ESC 2022: All News

ESC post from UK: Famous by TikTok

The results were quite amazing. Has known Sam Ryder During epidemics by his TikTok videos. He calls himself @samhairwolfryder on the video network – his long hair is very unique – and now has more than 12.3 million followers.

This is already noticeable in his videos: the 31-year-old has a special voice and hits more notes effortlessly. That’s what he did in his song “Space man“Used positively. Sometimes in the head, sometimes with pressure, sometimes with crispness and emotion: the artist flies in a weightless song easily.

The song was composed by Amy Wadge, the songwriter who co-wrote “Thinking Out Loud” with Ed Sheeran. Sam Ryder told the German press about “Space Man”: “I pay tribute to my heroes Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, and Elton John.

United Kingdom: From ESC to space with Sam Ryder?

You can already feel what the audience is doing during the first rehearsal ESC final Is expected. Sam Ryder is directly eligible as the United Kingdom is one of the “Big Five”. In black tops embroidered with white ornaments, he stands in front of a gigantic structure made of shiny sticks. All are reminiscent of one another

ESC 2022: All backgrounds

UK: Big ESC hits many years ago

However, after last year’s silence, when James Newman finished last with “Embers”, the pressure of anticipation was relatively low. Everything but not the last.

Overall, the United Kingdom has rarely been able to convince ESC fans in recent years. However: from Grand Prix– Introduced in 1957, the country has topped the top ten 31 times. Five wins, 15 second places – one record – and three third places, England, despite being a weak point since 1999, is one of the most successful nations in the tournament.

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