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Salt launches new mobile subscriptions — and that's why Consumer Protection rejoices

Salt launches new mobile subscriptions — and that’s why Consumer Protection rejoices

Everyone who gets a Swiss mobile subscription or prepaid contract is effectively protected against high roaming bills, regardless of the provider.Photo: pd

After Swisscom and Sunrise, the third largest Swiss provider is also putting an end to excessive roaming charges.

07/12/2022, 12:39 pm07/12/2022, 2:13 pm

High cellphone bills after trips abroad are finally a thing of the past, Consumer Protection wrote in a press release.

“After negotiations with Consumer Protection, Salt was the last of the three major providers to launch new subscriptions that effectively protect against high roaming costs.”

Source: Consumer Protection Agency

With the introduction of new mobile subscriptions on Tuesday salt (see below), the Internet can be used abroad only if the data balance is included in the subscription or purchased in advance for a fixed amount. This means that customers are effectively protected from high roaming bills, according to the Consumer Protection Agency.

This principle is not new Swisscom And the Sunrise I switched to such a system before the salt, but this step marks a turning point.

Sarah Staller, Director of Consumer Protection:

“High roaming bills have been going on for years. There was a time when consumers were billed several thousand francs after vacationing abroad and didn’t know how to pay them. We are glad that we have now found a solution with Salt and that this problem has finally been resolved for all Telekom customers.”

What else do the new Salt packages offer?

Salt makes mobile service faster for private customers. Allow salt cell phone the above Access to the maximum internet speed available on site and to 5G technology wherever it can be used, Switzerland’s third-largest mobile network provider announced on Tuesday.

According to the announcement, Salt has also simplified its tariff plans and reduced them to four subscriptions. By doing so, Salt removes differentiation for “young” customers while at the same time offering options to limit data usage. Once you use the subscription limit, browsing is blocked.

Salt customers can switch to newly arranged shows starting (today) Tuesday. CEO Pascal Greider was quoted as saying in the press release that they have taken advantage of high-speed mobile internet and 5G, where available, at no additional cost.

The cheapest “Salt Mobile Max” subscription with 10 Gb/s broadband from Salt Home costs CHF 39.95 per month.

What do independent mobile experts say?

Oliver Zadori, a communications expert at, wrote that the fact that Salt now also forbids data roaming on standard tariffs “is very good to avoid cost surprises.”

“This has always been the case with the lower-cost Salt brands ‘Das Abo’ and ‘Lidl Connect’. Unfortunately, however, this only applies to new Max subscriptions, to which customers have to actively switch.”

The regular base fee for the smaller “Start Max” and “Start Swiss” subscriptions will be increased by approximately 5 and 10 francs, respectively, compared to their predecessors. As a result, the Swiss fixed rate is now as expensive as Swisscom and 10 francs more expensive than the Sunrise rate.

Taking into account the promotional prices, Salt competes with its main competitors with the new subscription [Swisscom und Sunrise] Well there are, but there are cheaper offers from smaller providers.”

Oliver Zadori, Compass of the Forest

Ralph Beller, communications expert at, also took a closer look at Salt’s new subscriptions and emphasized caps on roaming charges. However, the telecom provider does not deserve much praise for this.

“This has been the case for many providers for a long time, and now the third largest Swiss network operator is finally following suit.”

A comparison with the offers of the main competitors, Swisscom and Sunrise, shows that there are no significant differences, except for the cheapest subscription.


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