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Saints Row reboot is coming - to be revealed during gamescom

Saints Row reboot is coming – to be revealed during gamescom

Saints Row starts over and restarts.Saints Row starts over and restarts.

Opening night will take place next Wednesday as part of Gamescom 2021, where host Geoff Keighley will introduce all kinds of new games. Another game to appear on the show is an old acquaintance – at least if we follow through with very candid tweets.

If you are a fan of saints, you can look forward to returning to the goofy gang. Everything points to the fact that the reboot will be announced at the start of the show.

Saints Row auf der Opening Night Live

The starting point for the news is a tweet from Keighley in which the host hits the drum again five days before ONL starts. But even more interesting is the attached photo, which can hardly be made clearer.

This can be seen: The word “Restart” is written in large font on one of the walls, and next to it is clearly the symbol of the saints.

link to Twitter content

If that wasn’t clear enough, Keighley’s tweet was dated a few minutes later official account From the Saints Row series retweeted. Meanwhile, there is also one teaser- site Live, on which the game will likely be introduced soon.

Is the ad surprising? Not really, as early as mid-2019 it was announced that developer Volition was “deeply involved in the development of the new Saints Row”. (via jimatsu)

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Everything you need to know about gamescom 2021 can be found in a central article on the site.

A Saints Row series reboot is coming. Looking to reboot the crazy Open World series?