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Safer Basel ++ Lucerne vs Feyenoord again without a chance

Safer Basel ++ Lucerne vs Feyenoord again without a chance

Valentin Stocker (left) and Darianne Malles brought FCB to Siegstrasse with their goals.


Mixed feelings between the Swiss teams in the third round of qualifying for the conference tournament. While FCB beat Ujpest 4-0 (Going 2:1) and made good progress, Lucerne suffered another 0:3 defeat against Feyenoord (Going 0:3).

Without any effort and with another convincing performance, FC Basel made it to the playoffs at the conference. After winning 2-1 in Hungary, Baszler won the second leg 4-0 over Ogbest Budapest.

In order to move to the group stage of the newly created third European club competition, coach Patrick Rahman’s side still have to overcome a hurdle. That obstacle is Hammarby. The Stockholm FC team is the Swedish Cup winner. And in the Hammarby Championship, which took seventh place, in the current Swedish (summer) championship, in which 14 rounds are held, the Stockholm team finished fifth. The first leg will be played next Thursday at St. Jacob’s Park.

Darian Malles played on the right side of the attack from the start due to an injury to Edon Zigrova. The young Lucerne player thanked him with a 1-0 score in front of more than 12,000 spectators from close range, with a direct drop after a cross from Sebastiano Esposito. As a substitute in the first leg in Budapest, the males managed to score 2-1 in Basel.

The score was halted 2-0 in the first half due to the stigma with which top scorer Valentin Stocker could have stabbed his opponent in the back. The goal would have been disallowed if UEFA had used VAR in the European Cup qualifiers.

In the second half, Basel goalkeeper Heinz Leander had to make a superb save for a player who comes close to him alone. Later, Esposito warmed up so nicely on the side that Arthur Cabral only had to push him to make it 3-0. Substitute full back Raul Petreta finished the new scoring in the 90th minute.

Lucerne sang and was silent

The fact remains: Lucerne is not ripping any ropes on the European football scene. The Swiss Central is out of the Conference Tournament qualifiers against Feyenoord Rotterdam with a total score of 0: 6.

Alireza Jahanbakhsh (right) in a duel with Martin Friedk of Lucerne.
Alireza Jahanbakhsh (right) in a duel with Martin Friedk of Lucerne.


Like the first leg, the return leg in Rotterdam was lost 3-0. The course of the match almost coincided with the course of the match at home a week ago: Fabio Celestini’s side were late after nine minutes, followed by a second goal just over an hour later. After Guus Til, this time around, Iranian Alireza Jahanbakhsh was the duo’s top scorer in Feyenoord’s two-goal lead. The biggest difference was that Luis Sinistera’s 3-0 defeat occurred not towards the end of the match this time, but at the start of the second half.

Lucerne is still waiting for its first international success. Three worthless wins in the first two matches have been recorded so far on the meager balance sheet of the European Cup.

Basel – Ojepest Budapest 4: 0 (2: 0)

12,337 spectators. – SR Unique (Isr). – Goals: 21 males (Esposito) 1-0. 45 Stalker (Cabral) 2-0. 70. Cabral (Esposito) 3-0. 90. Petretta (Qasimi) 4-0.

Basel: Lindner; Lange (84. Lopez), Chris (78. Petretta), Frye, Belmar; Quintilla (69. Xhaka), Kasami; males (69. Palacios), Esposito (84 years old), stoker; Cabral

Ujpest Budapest: Pajovic; Kastrati, Koutroubis, Diaby; Pauljevic (59. Simon), Csongvai (67. Bjelos), Onovo, Mitrovic (75. Katona), Antonov; Sea trip; Tallow (75. Zacale).

Comments: Basel without Zigrova, Djiga and Padula (all injured). Warnings: 16. Kastrati (error), 45th Antonov (complaint).

Feyenoord Rotterdam – Lucerne 3:0 (2:0)

SR Handbook (ITA). – Tower: 9. Jahanbakhsh 1: 0.34. Jahanbakhsh 2: 0. 48. Sinisterra 3: 0.

Feyenoord Rotterdam: Bigelow. Pedersen, Trauner, Senesi, Malacia (57. Haps); Toornstra, Kökçu (58. Hearts), Til (77. Milambo); Jahanbexe (42. Poznik), Linsen, Sinistra (77. Banes).

Lucerne: Vasic. Greiter (66 Seidler), Domagoni, Porsche, Friedk; Emini (46th Alunga), Wehrmann (66th Rupp), Schulz (46th Gentner), Ugrinic; Ndiaye, Tsar (46 Surgic).

Comment: Lucerne without Muller, Schorpf, Winding, Campo, and Alabe (all injured).