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Sacha Rovier and Eliane Muller

Sacha Rovier and Eliane Muller

The Swiss show scene should be richer by a dream couple. It is about SRF athlete Sacha Rover and singer Eliane Muller.

The basics in brief

  • SRF’s sports mediator Sasha Rover has fallen in love with a new one.
  • A year ago, he separated from his wife Vera (41 years old).
  • His new love is said to be singer Elaine Mueller.

A year after falling in love with Vera (41), athlete Sascha Ruefer (turns 50 years old today) is in new love. “I met someone very important to me and for whom it is worth getting up in the morning,” Rovere is excited about in the current “Glückspost.”

The woman who makes a TV man so happy shouldn’t be unknown. According to information from, there have been rumors on the show scene for weeks that singer Eliane Müller (31 years old) is new to his side.

In 2012 she won with her amazing voice casting show “The greatest Swiss talent” on SRF. the the love Expired to ex-boyfriend Marcus Peter (40 years old).

Are you new in love like Sacha Rovier?

Rover and Elaine are officially silent about their new love. The administration of Eliane does not want to comment on the request.

Rover separated from his wife Vera, 41, a year ago after 14 years of relationship. The spouses are born together (8).

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