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Sacha Rover talks about his new relationship

Sacha Rover talks about his new relationship

SRF athlete Sacha Rover has spoken out again about his new relationship – but he still doesn’t want to reveal the name of a new flame.

The basics in brief

  • Sasha Rovier has a new woman at his side – the moderator confirmed this.
  • Now he talks again about the new love, but does not reveal her name.
  • Rumors about singer Elaine Mueller persist.

Are Sacha Rovier (50) and Eliane Muller (31) a couple? The rumors persisted, so far none have been found SRF-Sportmann nor the singer either confirmed or denied anything.

On “Glückspost” Ruefer recently revealed that he “met someone” It was “very important” to him. has known for weeks from rumors on the show scene that she is a Lucerne woman.

Also in conversation with «Swiss magazines» Ruefer stays out of sight when it comes to his novelty the love He goes. He wants to keep his partner to himself, according to the sportMediator. “Protecting my privacy is more important to me than ever,” he explains.

But Sacha Rover really cares about his new relationship. He enjoys “being in love”.

“It feels so good to have someone again.”

the SRFThe husband divorced after a year He is 14 years old and is related to his wife Vera (41). The spouses were born together (8). Eliane Muller won 2012 with her amazing voice casting show «Greatest Swiss Talent» im SRF.

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