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Ryzen and Epyc: AMD has the term ‘3D V-Cache’ protected

Photo: AMD

AMD wants to stack L3 cache on Ryzen and Epyc in the future and protects the term “3D V-Cache” for this. The technology is up and running and is expected to debut at Milan X with the four potential models Epyc 7773X, 7573X, 7473X, 7373X and previously with Ryzen 5000 CPUs.

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Production will start at the end of 2021

Marking the fifth anniversary of Ryzen, AMD recently threw more bread crumbs to the public about the first products with 3D V-Cache and announced a product at the beginning of 2022. The company said in October that the start of production of new Zen 3-based processors with 3D V-Cache should To be completed at the end of 2021.

3D V-Cache should be protected as a trademark

The fact that AMD clearly plans long-term with this technology and would like to use it as a trademark is now evident with a trademark rights-protection identical application of the term “3D V-Cache”.

While the 3D cache on the Zen 3 is still used as an “add-on” for proprietary models, the Zen 4 technology on the AM5 could already be part of the AMD lineup by the end of 2022, although here too, the more expensive the The models are likely to rely on this technology.