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Ryan Gosling: Halloween celebrations in Australia

Ryan Gosling (41) is currently in Australia filming his new movie “The Fall Guy”. Although Halloween is not as important there as it is in America, the actor does not miss the celebration. of British “Daily Mail” records available Cue Gosling hiding in a gray monster mask. She also paired it with a dark blue t-shirt, blue jeans and brown lace-up boots.

She holds her daughters, Esmeralda (8) and Amada (6), both dressed as witches. Gosling’s partner Eva Mendes (48) joined the trio to score runs. She wears a white shirt, black leggings and brown sandals. Red devil horns shine on her head. According to the report, the family in the pictures are out and about in an area of ​​Sydney as part of a “trick or treating” routine. Children in disguise often go door-to-door, with older siblings or their parents, collecting sweets.

This is how Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are raising their kids

In an interview “Forbes” magazine said. The actress revealed she’s “not a great cook” – and is more than happy to leave the cooking to her partner. She believes this is a good example for their daughters Esmeralda and Amada that there are no predetermined roles and that “we are all partners”. Everyday family life functions as a “team effort.” If daughters observe how they divide tasks — regardless of a stereotype — it ensures “balance and harmony” in family life, Mendes said.

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