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Foto: Thorsten Tillmann.

RWE: Tarnat Enthusiastically – “True Unity in the Field”

Regional football club Rot Weiss Essen celebrated its 19th win of the season over Kentucky Uerdingen (3-0). Midfielder Niklas Tarnat played over 90 minutes again.

Since round 20 – 6-1 win over Bon SC – belong Nicholas Tarnate at red and white food For the permanent apparatus and was subsequently in every league game in the starting lineup. The 23-year-old, who had not previously had a club, was not signed until mid-October 2021. For U23 teams from Bayern Munich And the Hannover 96 The midfielder had already played 75 matches in the regional league.

Due to the suspension of a former captain and game designer Dennis Grote In December there was a vacancy in the sixth position. Bridging this one-to-one gap is actually hardly possible. RWE So far I’ve managed to make up for “leaving” as a team. Responsibility is spread across multiple shoulders. Tarnat also makes a significant contribution as a defensive midfielder. Born in Solingen, he always plays calmly and consistently. And also with the 3-0 win over the bunker kid Kentucky Uerdingen Saturday. It was by no means a celebratory performance by the team, Essen made simple uncommon mistakes, but a good horse just jumps as high as it should be.

It’s fun to play in a team. The group welcomed me very much at that time. You can tell that we are a real unit on the field.

Niclas Tarnat praises.

Tarnat saw it similarly when asked about the performance against Kentucky: “The score was 3-0 just fine. The second half was a bit bad, we could do better. But at the end of the day, the three points were there. It’s fun to play in a team. The team greeted me. So much at the time. You could tell we were a real team on the pitch.”

however fortune cologne (2:2 against Schalke 04) A direct competitor fails to race for the title, the 23-year-old remarked: “It was a successful day. If we do our homework and win matches, no one will be able to overtake us. This is our job. Goal too. We want To finish first at the end of the season and move on.”

On Sunday at 2pm, Tarnat will then watch another competitor’s match in the fight for promotion – Borussia Monster a guest Fortuna Dusseldorf Secondly.