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Russians can now take vacations like the president

Russians can now take vacations like the president

Enjoy your holiday like Vladimir Putin: this is now possible in Russia. Thanks to the newly opened Siberian itinerary dedicated to the head of the Kremlin.

The basics in brief

  • Russia has opened a new route for travel through the Siberian taiga.
  • The trip leads to places where Vladimir Putin loves to enjoy his holidays.
  • Tourists must feel that they are the boss for at least eight days.

Leisure photos of Vladimir Putin spread around the world again and again. Whether shirtless or with a fur coat – President He loves to present himself close to nature. He prefers to spend his vacation days in the Siberian taiga.

And, of course, holiday photos are well received by the Russian population. They are part of the cult of personality around head of the Kremlin.

And Putin fans can be happy: thanks to the crazy tourism offer, they can their holidays Dispose of it as does their idol.

The Russian Tourism Authority “Rostourism” presented several new travel routes at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. One of them is called «Siberian Feasts». This includes places where Putin is staying on vacation.

Eight days in the footsteps of Vladimir Putin

“Rostourism is launching a tourist route to the places where the president likes to spend his holidays,” Sarina Dogozova, head of Rostourism, told RIA news agency. And with it all, she promises: “This is a very special road, there is nothing to compare.”

It is said that the first guests will embark on the journey in July. The vacation lasts eight days and covers 1,200 kilometres.

Vladimir Putin has been traveling to the Siberian forests for years. In 2021, for example, he was in the region twice with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

During his stay, the 69-year-old devotes himself to various activities. So he goes to Siberia in Chase or fishing. Or enjoy the peace and quiet of a picnic or a picnic in temper nature. At least that’s how he leaves it to one of Kremlin Looks posted pictures.

Would you like to take a Putin trip?

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