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Russian influencer calls for wasting energy

Russian influencer calls for wasting energy

A Russian gives advice on Telegram on how to support the Russian army from Europe: it calls for energy waste.


The basics in brief

  • A Russian influencer called on her followers in Europe to waste energy.
  • In the video on her Telegram channel, she shows how to operate the light switches, for example.
  • She says that, by wasting energy, she is indirectly transferring money to the Russian army.

Russian influencer Makes a fuss online: Yulia Sergeevna Prokhorova wonders how it is possible to support Putin’s forces from Europe – without breaking sanctions or going to prison.

She answers her question herself in a video, and calls on all Russians living abroad to “waste energy.”

The influencer posted the clip on her own Telegram channel. You can see how Yulia Sergeevna Prokhorova presses the light switches and turns on the electric stove.

The fact that she has to pay for her electricity consumption does not bother the girl at all. On the contrary: by wasting energy, they indirectly transfer money to the Russians army.

Russian blogger runs propaganda

Russian blogger Yulia Sergeevna Prokhorova also appears under the name “Chernysheva” and runs the Telegram channel “Germanija ot pervogo lica”. Translated, this means something like “Germany in the first person”.

Almost 90,000 people follow the daily life of a young woman. Your clear goal: To spread propaganda for the benefit of Moscow. Exciting: Prokhorova has been living with her German husband in Landshut, Bavaria since April 20.

Worried about a potential winter energy crisis?

She’s staying in Germany illegally, says the young woman who didn’t make headlines for the first time. The Russian became famous at the beginning of August when she posted a video about her vacation in Salzburg.

She filmed herself speaking in a pro-UkraineProtest They appeared and harassed the refugees. She said goodbye to phrases like “Russia will win” and demanded Referendum in the city of Kherson occupied by Russia.

The video went viral and the next day I felt the consequences when canceled all reservations in Austria in response to her video. Yulia Sergeevna Prokhorova complained to her followers about the podium at that time: “It completely ruined my vacation.”

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