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Russian ambassador back to the United States three months later

Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov returned to the United States three months later. A sign of progress between the two countries.

Brief essentials

  • Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov returns to the United States three months later.
  • He left because of the testimony of US President Joe Biden.
  • The ambassador returns to his workplace as a “good sign.”

In three months’ absence, Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov will head the Kremlin under a deal Vladimir Putin And the President of the United States Joe Biden Returned to the United States.

After a nine-hour flight, Antonov landed in New York, from where he will travel to Washington, state media in Moscow reported Sunday evening. He was told he would resume his duties at the embassy this Monday.

Russia withdrew its ambassador in March Resistance Asked if he considered Putin a “killer”, Biden said yes.

Last Wednesday, the Russian president and his US colleague agreed that their ambassadors should return to their workplaces as a sign of resumption of dialogue.

John Sullivan, the US ambassador to Moscow, left Russia in April – as it is officially known, for domestic consultations. Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov suggested that Sullivan return to Washington – as part of a new US embargo against Moscow. Sullivan also wants to return to Moscow soon.

Let die-Government It imposed new sanctions against Russia in April for cyber-attacks and interference in elections. Moscow has denied the allegations, saying the sentencing measures violate international law. In response, the Russian imposed Government US Diplomats Sanctions and Evictions.

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