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Russian, 49, capsizes sailing boat off Denmark – now he’s applying for asylum

Now he is applying for asylum

A Russian (49) capsizes with a sailboat in front of Denmark

The last Russian who was in Ukraine wanted to travel from Sweden to Spain with his sailboat. In Denmark overturned. Having survived this incident, he applied for asylum in Denmark.


A Russian has capsized his sailing boat off the western coast of Denmark.

The sinking of a Russian ship (49 years old) was lucky in his ordeal: on Tuesday evening he was traveling with his 8.5-meter sailing vessel off the western coast of Denmark. But his voyage ended abruptly when his ship ran aground. Strong winds pushed the ship off course. The man managed to make his way at sea and reach the mainland. There is a request for help from German vacationers, according to the Danish TV station TV 2.

According to the police chief of the nearby town of Ringkoping, the Russian sailor was hypothermic and dizzy. His face also had multiple scratches. So the ambulance was called quickly. This then arrived at Holmsland Dune in Lyngvig Lighthouse, where the man was stranded, and taken to hospital. The next day he was no longer in mortal danger. “He was lucky that it didn’t happen more outside in bad weather, because it could have gone so wrong at the time,” the police chief says of the incident.