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Russia supplies less gas to Europe

Switzerland is directly affected

After reviewing the pipeline, Putin delivers only 40% of the gas

Once Nord Stream 1 is up and running, Russia wants to supply gas to Europe again. However, much less than before. Two people familiar with Russia’s export plans told Reuters news agency. This contains political explosives.

Now it became clear what many experts expected. Russia uses the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline review only as an excuse to shut down the gas tap in Europe. After repairing for ten days, the gas should flow west again. However, much less than before. This was reported by the “Bild Zeitung”. It is only 40 percent. This hits the West hard. Russian President Vladimir Putin, 69, has drawn one of his terrifying jokes.

Reuters news agency relies on two insiders. It is now finally clear how much less gas goes to Germany – and thus also to Switzerland, which gets most of its gas from Germany. Nord Stream 1 is scheduled to go online again on July 21. Just stupid: According to the Kremlin, a turbine that was repaired in Canada is still missing. It is unclear when it will arrive.