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Russia plans to build a new nuclear submarine

Dozens of nuclear missiles on board

Russia plans to build a new super submarine

12 nuclear missiles and many mini-submarines – a super-submarine could soon be built in Russia. Now the first drafts of a potential new marine vehicle have been submitted.


This design for a new submarine was submitted by the Russian Rubin Submarine Design Bureau.

It seems that Russia is planning to build a new type of submarine in the coming years. The Russian submarine design bureau Rubin has now submitted a design for a completely new type of underwater vehicle.

The boat “Arcturus”, named after the brightest star in the northern sky, has a completely new design. Unlike other submarines, the “Arcturus” is said to have a sloping exoskeleton and sloping sides, writes US naval expert H.I. Sutton, who has made a name for himself on Twitter in recent months. On his website. The design is more like a modern aircraft than a submarine.