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Russia is ready to invade Ukraine at any time.

The Even after the German government made it clear that it would not supply arms, Ukraine did not give up. The Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin is now naming the firm armed forces that his country expects from Germany in the face of Russian aggression. “It is primarily about German warshipsAnd they are the best in the world that we urgently need for the strong protection of the long coastline of the Black and Azov Seas, “said Andrij Melnyk, ambassador to the German press agency. State-of-the-art air defense systems are also in high demand, Which is currently manufactured by German arms companies.

Ukraine has been demanding weapons from Germany for years to defend itself against Russian aggression – and has yet to succeed. President Olaf Scholes (SPD) issued a clear rejection of Kiev on Tuesday. “The German federal government has been pursuing a similar strategy on this issue for many years, and this means that we will not export lethal weapons,” Scholes said. “That has not changed with the regime change in December last year.”

Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach (Greens) rejected the request during a visit to Kiev on Monday. The approach to arms distribution and restricted arms export policy is also based on German history.

Melnick was annoyed by this justification. “It is surprising that the question of historical responsibility in Berlin is being used as an argument for the rejection of military aid.”, he said. “This responsibility applies to the Ukrainian people who lost at least eight million lives during the German Nazi occupation of Ukraine.”