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Russia has been threatening the United States with counter-measures in the diplomatic dispute

Russian ambassadors are expected to leave the United States by the end of January. Russia is now threatening counter-measures.

Briefly essentials

  • Russian ambassadors to the United States have been told to leave the country.
  • Now Russia is threatening the United States with counter-measures.

Russia has threatened to retaliate against the United States if some of its diplomatic staff leave the country. “We do not want that, but we can not help to respond in the same way,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov on Monday at Interfox in Moscow.

Of Russia Ambassador In Washington, Anatoly Antonov had previously said in an interview that 27 Russian ambassadors would leave the United States with their families on January 30. According to him, accreditations are withdrawn by spouses from spouses and their children are not issued visas. According to Russian reports, a total of 200 Russian embassy staff worked in the United States at the end of October.

The relationship between the United States and Russia is very tense

Antonov said a similar number of Russian diplomats and their families should leave the country by June 30 next year. “We are struggling with massive staff shortages.” The relationship between Moscow and Washington is tense due to the greater number of conflicts and sanctions than it has been for decades.

It also has an impact on the diplomatic level: it was only in April that the US carried out hacker attacks and interventions in Moscow in retaliation. US elections Ten Russian ambassadors were expelled and new sanctions were imposed. In retaliation, Russia expelled ten US diplomats and imposed sanctions on the United States. In addition, the Government Entrance ban on high-ranking US government officials in Moscow.

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