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Russia defends itself against US extradition

In March 2021 a Russian was arrested in Zion VS. He was wanted by the United States on suspicion of domestic trade and now opposes his extradition.

Summarize the essentials

  • A Russian man arrested in Wallis is defending himself against being extradited to the United States.
  • There he is searched for suspicious insider trading.
  • The person has filed a complaint in the Federal Criminal Court.

A Russian who was imprisoned in the habit Kremlin-Attacks filed a complaint in the Federal Criminal Court against his extradition to the United States. They like him on the suspicion of insider trading Court Switzerland has already rejected a request for deportation from Russia.

The facts described by Moscow in the extradition request will not be punished in Switzerland. The Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) announced on Monday at the request of Keystone-SDA News Agency TomidiaNewspapers with.

On August 12, the FOJ told Russian officials that the condition of mutual criminal liability had not been met.

On June 24, the FOJ ordered his deportation to the United States. Vladislav Clichy, who is in prison, filed a complaint in the Federal Criminal Court. It is pending.

The arrested person is suspected of internal trade

Kliushin is considered close to it Kremlin Connected. He owns a company for media surveillance and analysis, which is Russian Government Served.

Kliushin was arrested in Zion on March 21 at the request of the United States. Since then, he has been in custody handed over to Valais. The United States is looking for him because it is suspected that millions of dollars are being traded.

On April 19, the US embassy in Bern requested that Kliushin be extradited. On April 7, the FOJ received a deportation request from Russia.

FOJ first decides on overseas delivery. His decision can be challenged in federal criminal court in Bellinzona. In a particularly important case, it develops In federal court Last attempt.

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