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Russia and the United States continued talks on arms control

Geneva Russia and the United States continued their talks on limiting nuclear weapons. And delegations from the two countries met, Thursday, in Geneva, as the Russian side announced on Twitter. According to Interfax, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov spoke of a “constructive meeting” on Thursday evening. Ryabkov said progress has been made on some aspects of strategic stability, but at many points the two sides remain far apart. And from the American side, his colleague Wendy Sherman took part in the negotiations.

Ryabkov said two working groups should now be formed to deal with detailed issues of arms control. There is a desire on both sides to move forward. Meanwhile, the Russian diplomat said the US side is concerned about the growing military power of China. The United States wanted China to participate in the negotiations.

The US government said the delegates agreed that the working groups should begin their work and that another meeting should take place after that. The Foreign Ministry declared that the talks in Geneva were “intense” and “substantial”.

The nuclear powers, the United States and Russia, began the new talks in Switzerland at the end of July, which Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden had previously agreed upon at a summit in Geneva in mid-June. The one-day meeting focused on future arms control and risk reduction.

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The talks are seen as an important signal for global security. The foundation is the only major remaining arms control agreement between the United States and Russia: the New Start Treaty on Strategic Nuclear Disarmament. This limits both countries’ nuclear arsenals to 800 vector systems each and 1,550 operational nuclear warheads each. The United States had already ratified several agreements, with Russia accused of not adhering to the rules.