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Rush for spices and potatoes

Rush for spices and potatoes

Empty shelves in Swiss supermarkets: freezing temperatures have awakened Mr. and Mrs. Suiss’ passion for raclette!


The basics in brief

  • The Swiss stockpiled raclette and fondue products.
  • No wonder, with these almost winter temperatures!
  • According to Migros and Cobb, demand increases immediately from the first cold snap of the fall.

Temperatures drop, days get shorter, and outdoor swimming pools close their doors. knock slowly Fall on me. And the Swiss really want it!

In supermarkets in Bern, reporters noticed that some shelves with raclette seasoning and raclette potatoes were already empty.

as such barn And the Migros Confirmation to, customers really jump Raclette and fondue products.

The beginning of autumn fuels the Swiss craving for raclette

He wrote: “As soon as temperatures drop for the first time on the weekend, we notice a significant increase in demand.” Migros. The offer will be expanded from mid-September, although corresponding products will also be offered in the summer. It makes sense that about four-fifths of sales are done in the winter.

It also looks similar barn. “The onset of autumn with cooler temperatures strengthens the anticipation of raclette and fondue.” Accordingly Demand increases. However, fondue and raclette products are also “in demand” in the summer.

Did you already eat your first raclette of the season?

However, Swiss supermarket chains do not want to talk about a shortage. in barn Long-term storage planning is used, so you are well prepared.

In individual branches these products can – obviously – occur It will sell out quickly. But: “The shelves are constantly filling up.”

Specialty cheese shop Chäsbueb in Bern’s old town is also seeing a lot of demand for raclettes today, Tuesday.

The famous and well-known truffle cheese raclette was sold out in the evening. The nice saleswoman promised to deliver the goods again on Wednesday.

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