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Rumors about a GH7 show this week?

Rumors about a GH7 show this week?

Panasonic's next presentation could take place in a few days. Now new evidence of the existence of GH7 has emerged.

Rumors about Panasonic's presentation on June 5

Panasonic is currently keeping us on our toes. After the presentation of the Lumix S9 in May, a rumor appeared a few days ago that the manufacturer's next camera innovation could be unveiled on June 5, 2024. In addition, it was rumored that this new camera will not be a full-frame camera. Basically, this refers to a single view Micro Four Thirds camera Or one Built-in camera there.

While reliable leaks or confirmations from known sources are still a long time coming, at least some new information has now leaked. So it was Taz Freeze For example, it was posted in threads that Panasonic had already indicated at NAB in April that it was working on a new high-end camera for videographers:

“I spoke to a LUMIX rep at NAB and he said Panasonic is announcing something aimed at premium cinematographers and this is a hint at what's happening with the Varicam line 👀 I'm excited to see what happens next weekend.”

Taz Fraze on Topics (machine translated)

Reviews on the Panasonic GH7

In addition, two independent sources for 43Rumours Reports suggest that the Panasonic GH7 offering shouldn't be far away. According to the first source, the GH7 will take over some functions from the Lumix G9 II, and Pansonic will also give the camera a larger fan compared to the GH6. The camera should also support the new Lumix LAB app. The second source claims to have learned that the GH7 is already being tested by photographers and influencers.

Japanese site Asopent It contributes to the fact that it is no longer possible to order the Panasonic GH6 at least from some Japanese dealers. This of course also fuels speculation that a successor will be introduced soon.


There are currently several indications that Panasonic will introduce a new product for professional videographers on June 5th. LA EXPO 2024, which begins June 7 at Warner Bros. Studios, also fits the picture; Canon will also unveil a new cinema product in the coming days. We'll have to wait and see if Panasonic buys the GH7 or another cinema camera, if there's any truth to these rumors.