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Rumor: SEGA has stopped developing Sonic Mania 2 – ntower

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Among the highest-rated SEGA games of recent years. The 2D retro game based on the world of Sonic the Hedgehog was developed by fans who wanted to present their version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4. The cool pixel look and great gameplay ensure that the game will quickly become a fan favorite.

The question of what SEGA wants to do with the Sonic Mania brand has been up in the air for some time. For those who want Sonic Mania 2 I hope, there is now factual news. Like insiders insiders Zippo On his blog, SEGA has stopped working on a sequel to Sonic Mania. As evidence for this, Zippo cites statements from developer Evening Star. The studio was founded by senior members of the joint team after the development of Sonic Mania. According to its own data, Evening Star is working on a brand new 3D platform. On the contrary, this means that the team is not working on the Sonic Mania brand.

According to Zippo, the decision to discontinue the Sonic Mania 2 project is based on material SEGA on America return it. The management level there came to the conclusion that the 2D Sonic game was not profitable enough. A detailed analysis of the Sonic brand and its development in recent years can be found in the original English Here.

Despite the initial plausibility of the data, it is important to consider the Zippo analysis as a file Unconfirmed rumor to see. Work on Sonic Mania 2 has yet to be officially confirmed and SEGA itself has yet to comment on the brand’s future. It would be possible, for example, that the game was created in a different studio.

How would you rate Zippo’s rating? Do you think we’ll see Sonic Mania 2?

Source: Zippospeaks