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Ruag cannot currently resell Leopard 1 tanks

The arms company Ruag is not currently allowed to sell Leopard 1 tanks to Germany. The authorities rejected Rawaj’s request as part of a preliminary investigation. Federal Chancellor Viola Amherd said this during question time in the National Assembly.

For example, the German armaments group Rheinmetall has made it clear that it wants to transfer the tanks to Ukraine after they have been repaired. So Amherd confirmed a report in Tamedia newspapers from the beginning of March.

Based on the decree on procedures regarding the situation in Ukraine, Seco rejected the initial application by RUAG.

During question time, National Advisors Franziska Roth (SP/SO) and David Zuberbuehler (SVP/AR) wanted to know, among other things: Why did RUAG buy the tanks and what are their plans with them? Based on the media report, they both assumed there were 96 tanks.

Amherd said that RUAG purchased used and non-functioning tanks from an agency of the Italian Ministry of Defense in 2016. With the purchase at that time, Ruag intended to prepare the vehicles for potential buyers and/or sell spare parts to potential buyers. The tanks are still in Italy. Amherd left open the number of tanks involved.