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RTL 5 minutes - Monday starts: Which smartphones support iOS 15?

RTL 5 minutes – Monday starts: Which smartphones support iOS 15?

Apple announced during the presentation that all iPhone 6S iPhones will be able to install iOS on September 20th.

The update was presented last June at Apple’s annual developer conference.

iPhone users can discover all the new features of Apple’s new operating system, such as: b. Manage notifications with automatic filtering based on the day’s activities or group video calls on FaceTime.

As with iOS 14 last year, the update is available for all iPhones from the iPhone 6s. Remember to make a backup before installing, sometimes the first versions can cause certain errors.


Ten years after introducing FaceTime, Apple is working hard to regain its strength in the face of video conferencing apps for professional engagement like Zoom or Teams, which have grown in functionality during the pandemic. IOS 15 is all about managing notifications. Given the constant demand, Apple wants to give its users more space so they can filter incoming Do Not Disturb alerts and messages and customize with a new tool called Focus.

The idea is to be able to control which notifications can be shown based on the time of day or activity (home, work, exercise, sleep, Do Not Disturb) so that only selected apps are shown. Following the same logic, Siri can now suggest switching to context-based and location-based modes if the user allows it. For more than 200 additions or updates, see the full list of Apple brands. Some features, such as the ability to find a locked iPhone, weren’t scratched until the June 15 release of iOS 15 despite its relationship to the future iPhone user experience.