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Royal fans stunned with new satire series

Royal fans stunned with new satire series

In the satirical fantasy series The Prince, Prince George is portrayed as a vicious tyrant. Absolute ban to the public.

The basics in brief

  • HBO Max has published a satirical series about the British royal family.
  • Particularly disgusting: Eight-year-old George is portrayed as a vicious tyrant.
  • Meanwhile, there is complete bewilderment among the audience.

The American Radio published last Thursday HBO Max I tractor until Prince». This is the The satirical fantasy animated series on the British Royals. Focus: Prince George (8)!

Since then there has been Twitterwhere is the tractor It was first shared perplexed. One user complains: “You are all sick in the head” Social media platform. Another said, “Whether you admire the property or not. Making money by bullying an eight-year-old is the new low.”

Prince George calls the Queen ‘bad b***h’

Son Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (39) are portrayed in the series as an evil tyrant. This is what he calls his grandmother Queen (95) For example “bad b***h”. For many viewers, this obviously goes too far.

Attorney Dr. Shula Moss Chogbamemo finds clear words to her on Good Morning Britain:Children are taboo. Making a parody of an eight-year-old is no laughing matter. It is inappropriate and goes against our collective sense of responsibility.”

Portraying Prince George as an evil tyrant, is that permissible?

if she Royals The wind had already gotten from an inconspicuous hustle and bustle. but the Queen You should not “be amused” about it.

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