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Royal expert Tina Brown reveals horrific things in The Palace Papers.

It makes the walls of the British palace tremble. In her scandalous new book, Palace Papers, award-winning royal expert Tina Brown (68) has not left a royal stone untouched. Even her biography “Diana” is considered the best in the world. Through her research and discussions with 120 people close to the royal family, she has revealed secrets to light. “Prince Charles has a sign on the toilet seat. Wherever he travels, he travels with him,” she writes. You can smile for it.

With whom the British-American writer judges harshly, others. “Meghan and Harry are drama addicts. He was loved by the British people, and she was loved when she came into the family.” The 40-year-old Duchess is an excellent strategist, smelling the money, prestige and perks that come with belonging, even if she doesn’t love life in England.