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Rowing Olympia: Fifth Place in Women's Quad Rowing

Rowing Olympia: Fifth Place in Women’s Quad Rowing

NSIn paddling errors on the final section of the route, the hopeful women’s quad and at this point cost the nearly safe Olympic medal in Tokyo. Apparently the crew around the three Olympic rookies Frieda Hammerling (Kel), Francesca Kampmann (Waltrop) and Carlotta Noagede (Hanover) as well as Daniela Schulz (Potsdam) contracted so-called cancer on Wednesday and fell clearly from second to second. Fifth place.

“Up until that point we had the best race of our season and we had already seen each other on the silver track. Then we commented,” he summed up, “It’s just a bitter defeat,” Nwajeed told ZDF. The boat from China was the Olympic champion, ahead of Poland and Australia. .

The German Rowing Federation now has medal chances for the German Eight Championship on Friday and an easy double paddle around Jonathan Rommelmann (Krefeld) and Jason Osborne (Mainz). The duo won the semi-finals and were again convinced. “It’s all there tomorrow. It’s all there tomorrow. It’s all there for tomorrow,” Osborne said before Thursday’s final (2.50 CET). Ireland set a world record in another semi-final. Oliver Zeidler has his singles semi-final on Thursday (4.10 a.m. CST), and the The world and European champion is also one of the candidates in the boat category.

However, for the quartet, it was all over within a few seconds. “We should have finished our work clean, we didn’t. Then the others simply solved it better with the conditions, which is also part of the rowing,” Kampmann said after competing with strong winds in the direction of travel. Rowers perched on the sidewalk for a long time, trying to understand what had happened. “In this race, I estimated the gap was enough. But without such incidents,” Kampmann said of the error. In the case of a lobster, the rudder blade is tilted in the water and is dropped too far, losing cadence completely.

In the B finals too, the German boats could not live up to their own expectations. Rio Olympic champion Hans Groene (Potsdam) and Karl Schulz (Berlin) came in at least second with Max Abel (Magdeburg) and Tim Ole-Naske (Hamburg) in a double and ended their trip to Tokyo in eighth place. On the other hand, double rowers with Leonie Menzel (Düsseldorf) / Annekaterin Thiel (Leipzig) and Mark Webber (Giesen) / Stefan Krueger (Frankfurt / Main) crossed the finish line in fifth and thus finished 11th at the Olympics. Toys.