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Round 30 of the Premier League – Villiger's hammer in the beginning is enough for Lucerne – Sports

Round 30 of the Premier League – Villiger's hammer in the beginning is enough for Lucerne – Sports

In the final moments of the match, Lucerne had to fear victory again. Yverdon ran into stoppage time for 3 minutes and won another corner kick and a free kick. However, both failed. When the final cross into the penalty area found no outlet, Lucerne fell into each other's arms. The hard-fought 1-0 win was the first after four Premier League matches without a win.

Lars Villiger, a native of Lucerne, was mainly responsible for the victory. The 20-year-old striker showed his bravery about 70 seconds later when he shot a ball that had previously been intercepted by a teammate towards the goal. He watched as his shot went perfectly beyond Paul Bernardoni past Yverdon. The goalkeeper wasn't even able to distinguish himself and was already defeated.

More goals are possible

Everyone who was hoping for a goal score fest was disappointed. However, teams could have had the opportunity to make more changes to the scoreboard. Lucerne's Levin Winkler missed his first Premier League goal after 17 minutes from the best position. Bernardoni made a great save.

In the 26th minute, it was the visitors who made their first attacking appearance. However, right-hander Mahwes, like Adrian Grbic after a few turns on the other side, headed wide of the goal. Grbic had the biggest chance after the break. But the striker failed to finish the match because of Bernardoni.

Lucky Lucerne

However, Yverdon had the biggest chance in the second half. In the 80th minute, substitute Christopher Longue's shot was dangerously blocked. Pascal Lauritz could have beaten him, but the ball hit the crossbar.

With a defeat, the promoted team's chances of reaching the “Championship Group” are reduced to a theoretical minimum. Lucerne, on the other hand, is only one place and one point behind St. Gallen and can continue to hope. Basel are different and now have to plan for the 'relegation group'.

This is how it goes

The next matches for both teams will be on Sunday. Lucerne meets Lausanne Sport at home. Yverdon also has a home game and hosts the Grasshoppers.