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Rotblau im Ticker: FC Zürich vs.  FC Basel

Rotblau im Ticker: FC Zürich vs. FC Basel


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The score between FC Zürich and FC Basel

FC Zurich

FC Basel

Goal 52′ Free (OG)
Goal 47 ‘Boranigasevich

A shot of red and blue!

Shot Valentine Stoker It is still prohibited. one of bajtim qasemi Just miss the picket cross of the people of Zurich.

83 ‘substitution substitution

Double change in FC Basel: Valentine Stoker And Jordi Quintella come for Dan Ndwi And Fabian Fry.

There are no chances on either side. FC Basel recovered defensively. FCZ waits for the possibility of that and takes another breath for the final boom.

73 ‘substitution substitution

Double change in FC Zurich: Akaki Jojia And you are korek come for Adrian Guerrero And Othman Doumbia.

71 ‘yellow card yellow card

bajtim qasemi from FCB grätscht Antonio Marchesano near the box.

15’030 spectators They are in Letzigrund tonight

67′substitution substitution

Water Burger Comes in FCB vs. Darian males.


FCB goal!

Jade FCZ Driving. Achieved by FCB. Liam Millar Become perfect after counterattack Arthur Cabral release and leave Yannick Brecher There is no chance.

61 ‘substitution substitution

Change in FCZ: Wilfried Gonto replacing Moritz Leitner.

60′substitution substitution

Michael Lang Bayern must be injured from the field. Sergio Lopez takes his place.

FCZ pushes to drive. Obviously, red and blue have more problems than they did in the first half.

52 ‘GoalGoal

FCZ goal!

Asan Sesay Päsler knocks on the counterattack. Andy Bellmar Loin can not be prevented. Fabian Fry He directs the ball towards the goal in front of an opponent who is ready to shoot. Renewed compensation for the people of Zurich!

48 ‘GoalGoal

FCB goal!

In return, Basel takes the lead again. Dan Ndwi Standing after the wing Liam Millar In the long prism right and sliding into the short corner.

47 ‘GoalGoal

FCZ goal!

FC Zurich pressed immediately after the break and was rewarded: Nikola Boranigasevich Hits a few seconds after rebooting to equalize. Ice shower for the people of Basel!

45′Starting Starting

Follow In Letzigrund!

47 ‘stop stop

Half the time in the classic!

FC Basel deservedly leads in this grand battle at Letzigrund. Obviously, Basel had better chances than Zurich. However, Arthur Cabral first had to loosen the hammer for the lead. Red and Blue are standing strong defensively.

42 ‘yellow card yellow card

Michael Lang From FC Basel after a foul Blerim Dzemaili.

After a shot from FCB!

Dan Ndwi He lunges inside the penalty area and hits the post with his low shot. there will be Yannick Brecher He has no chance.

FCB finished!

Darian males checkups Yannick Brecher from an acute angle. The FCZ goalkeeper can direct the ball over the crossbar.

28 ‘GoalGoal

FCB goal!

Arthur Cabral He takes the ball, spins and immediately pulls. His hammer from more than 25 meters flying exactly into the upper corner. There is no chance of Yannick Brecher.

A chance for FCB!

Dan Ndwi Sends Darian males deep. This plays right away. There can Yannick Brecher Don’t hold the ball in the fight. in the end you want Liam Millar Dust off and just hit the post.

The fact remains: FCB has the best positions in the game so far. But again, the penetrating power and ultimate consistency in front of the target is “still” missing.

A chance for FCB!

Liam Millar Brings the ball sharp and flat in the middle. Yannick Brecher Remove by foot.

Red and blue have good switching moments. But, more often than not, he does not finish his attacks cleanly. Defensively, FC Basel have been firm so far in the saddle.

The game is getting faster. Both teams immediately switch to attacking when they win the ball.

The first class of FCZ!

Othman Doumbia He shoots from a distance and misses meters. Heinz Lindner It is not necessary to intervene.

FCB’s first shot!

Arthur Cabral Shoots from about twenty meters. The first catching exercise for Yannick Brecher.

0 ‘Starting Starting

Let’s go on Letzigrund! Can Bayern show his reaction to the Cup abroad in Carouge?