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Ross Anthony in the jungle camp: 'Things are getting tougher every year'

Ross Anthony in the jungle camp: ‘Things are getting tougher every year’

14 years ago, pop singer and presenter Ross Anthony was crowned King of the Jungle. And the forest still wouldn’t let him go.

This year, too, is an enthusiastic viewer of the format. In an interview with “My Schlager World” He said he finds it more difficult for participants every year. What the camp had to eat today, what would have been presented to the participants at that time would be a start, according to the artist.

The successful stars have been a part of the show since its inception. He was the first king of the jungle in 2004 Costa Cordales. A total of 13 pop singers participated in “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here”. Pop stars won the show twice: Costa Cordales And Ross Anthony. Why are pop stars of all things hired so often and often assigned to jungle camp? The jungle “expert” thinks so Ross Anthony:

• Costa Cordales (Season 1 / 1st place)
• Werner Bohm (Season 1 / 5th place)
• Isabel Farrell (Season 2 / 2nd place)
• Ross Anthony (Season 3 / 1st place)
• Bata Elek (Season 3 / 3rd place)
• Eva Jacob, Jacob’s Sisters (season 5 / 10th place)
• Klaus Baumgart, Klaus & Klaus (Season 7/10)
• Michael Wendler (Season 8 / 11th place)
• Jörn Schlönvoegt (Season 9/Second place)
• Jürgen Melsky (Season 10 / 5th place)
• Gunter Gabriel (season 10/12 position)
• Tina York (season 12 / third place)
• Peter Orloff (Season 13 / 3rd place)