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Root cause analysis by AZ for relapse of TSV 1860

Root cause analysis by AZ for relapse of TSV 1860

Munich – Heading down. Signs of resignation. Frustration, frustration just everywhere. This look of lions, he’s steeped in history — at least in the era of Michael Kollner: His team has acted really badly historically.

This first-half in 1:3 TSV 1860 home disaster against Waldhof Mannheim will likely remain deep in the bones of many a six-six. They won two games full of offensive power – then the head of defense Stefan Salger & Co. appeared: completely defensive, with hardly any rest from the paralyzed offensive game.

Bankruptcy vs Mannheim: Kollner made the wind complicit

And if the Sixties found their way, they made the wrong decisions. No wonder Waldhofer rolled on Sechzger.

“We had big plans after the two wins, we wanted to strive for more at home,” coach Kollner said after a well-deserved bankruptcy over Jesing’s scattered heights. Actions – vice versa: “We weren’t on the field in the first half. It was our worst performance this season.” Adequate analysis!

Saw his fifth yellow card against Mannheim: Philip Steinhardt.

TSV 1860: Steinhart held off against Magdeburg? Greilinger helps again…


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Here's what the losers look like (from left): Philip Steinhardt, Dennis Dressel and Simi flirtatiously on the floor, opponent Mannheim cheering.

After two consecutive victories: Mannheim appears frontier in 1860


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AZ shows the causes of the White and Blue disaster – and why the blues provided an evening of excuses. When lions hit the wind…

Headwind Giesinger: Kollner came up with a bold idea to blame the weather for the very poor performance.

The 51-year-old said in all seriousness that 60’s half the time to forget him “definitely benefited from the wind”. Indeed, on this snowy, rainy evening, a hail struck Grünwalder. It is also true that Sechzger kicked first – and only after the break – with the wind. But as an explanation for the stratigraphic difference before the break, in order to survive the wind and weather picture, the ice is very thin.

TSV 1860 makes several defensive mistakes

wind defense: Veteran Stefan Salger and youngster Simi Belkahia made two great appearances side by side in the Third Division. Unfortunately for the Lions, those are clearly a thing of the past before the season. Kollner’s conclusion: “We have formally invited our opponents to score chances.” Which indicates that the 2-0 loss was “still happy” according to Kollner.

Balkhayah in particular has been swaying perilously for weeks. “If you replaced a player in the first half, his performance was definitely not good,” Kollner admitted about his early end to work, but he also pointed out to Waldhof’s central defenders: they would have missed at one time or another after the break. Which isn’t wrong, after all, after the break in 1860 at least fit the 3rd Division and made it 1:2. But it also doesn’t explain Balkahia’s wicked blackout.

Why did Keanu Studd take the punishment of all people?

Pioneering black wrap: Many fans could not believe that Joker Keanu Staude of all people grabbed the ball for the penalty kick when the score was 1:2.

He asked from A to Z: Why is this, Mr. Kolner? “Stodd took the ball. It wasn’t discussed beforehand,” the coach explained, then praising the former Bielefeld man for wanting to “take responsibility.”

The only question is: Why would we allow a player to shoot who was barely able to show off his skills in 1860 and so is definitely not bursting with self-confidence? “Others let it,” Kollner said. Captain Sasha Mulders and left-back Philip Steinhardt may feel like dealing with it. The latter had been granted recently from the point, but here the usual duo would have been in demand. The coach could also have made it his top priority. But that evening, filled with frustration and frost, seemed to have faded away.