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Romanian football players run to the field with dogs

Romanian football players run to the field with dogs

Munich – “Adopt them!”

To draw attention to animals that have no home, the Romanian Football Association has created something very special.

Throughout the season, players run to the field with street dogs to find new owners for their four-legged friends. Romania has had a big problem with street dogs for many years.

Goal: respect and love for dogs

Under the name “Fill the void in your life”, the start of the unique project was carried out last weekend in Bucharest. But in the derby between the two clubs in the capital, Dynamo players were turned upside down because the FCSB did not support the measure – despite their nickname “Red Dogs”.

The dogs come from local animal shelters or from the street and each has a small scarf bearing his name around their necks. If viewers want to adopt one of the four-legged friends, they can easily get in touch with the initiators of the project.

The prerequisites have also been created within the playground so that dogs can attend games without any major problems. All fireworks and fireworks are prohibited. At the weekend, fans also adhered to these requirements.

A nice act will surely make the life of one dog or the other a lot better!

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