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Roman Costomaro (46), Olympic snowboarder, is recovering from a coma

Roman Costomaro (46), Olympic snowboarder, is recovering from a coma

coma and amputation

Olympic champion Roman Costomaru, 46, is learning to eat and sit again

The figure skater’s horror fate went around the world. He spent months in the hospital in a coma and lost his arms and legs. Now it seems out of danger.


Roman Costomaro, 46, woke up from an induced coma.


  • The 2006 Russian Olympic figure skating champion, Roman Kostomaro, developed severe pneumonia.

  • To save his life, both his feet and his left hand were amputated.

  • His breathing is now working independently and he is learning to eat and sit again.

Roman Kostomarov seems to have won his battle for life. As reported by Russian media, the Russian snowboarder is finally starting to improve after his fate went all over the world.

A few days ago, the 46-year-old was taken off ventilators. His breathing works independently and he is fully conscious. slow Learn to do things again, which is common for most people. So he learns to chew and swallow again, reports “Sportexpress”. He is also learning to sit up again, but he still needs support.

Multiple Amputations – No more surgeries planned now

On January 10, the figure skater was admitted to a clinic in Moscow. What initially seemed manageable developed into a Covid infection acute pneumonia. Added massive circulatory disorders, gangrene and dying tissues.

In order to save him, the doctors who treated him amputated his left hand and both feet. Subsequently, the 46-year-old suffered multiple cerebral hemorrhages, two strokes, meningitis, and multiple brain swellings. Doctors who treated him estimated his chances of survival at 50 percent, according to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

Further operations or amputations are not currently necessary. However, Kostomarow would still need medical attention for a few more weeks, as there was a risk of organ failure after septicemia and taking all of his medication.

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