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Roland Kaiser: The sad news provides certainty

Roland Kaiser: The sad news provides certainty

The Emperor will never appear here again

However, some fans of Roland Kaiser have to accept the disappointment, because in the future they will have to do without the translator “Why didn’t you say no?” in a particular event – At the Munster Mittendrien FestivalThe 70-year-old has always created a great atmosphere as one of the best performances over the past four years.

As reported by “Westfälische Nachrichten”, citing “Antenne Münster”, the organizers of the “Münster mittendrin” had wanted to sign the famous German star for next year’s famous city festival, but Roland Kaiser and his management refused – And not just for next year, but forever! The managing director of “Münster Mittendrin” Anna Vogd spoke to the newspaper about the reasons for the successful star’s removal:

I have chosen other places.

In addition, there will be a large one Popularity of Roland Kaiser, who lives in Münster, because ultimately one of the most successful German artists, his performances will attract a number of fans, but the spatio-temporal capabilities of the cathedral square in Münster are limited. In addition, it is not normal for Roland Kaiser to appear in the “Münster mittendrin”, because after all, the ticket prices are the same For his private parties are several times more expensive than those of the “Münster mittendrin”. It is not yet known who will replace Roland Kaiser. But Kaiser fans can be sure they’ll see him elsewhere very soon.

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