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Roche wants to cut hundreds of jobs

Roche wants to cut hundreds of jobs

Thrift Hammer located in Roche. The global pharmaceutical company wants to cut hundreds of jobs. The Basel and San Francisco sites are said to have been mainly affected. that reports “a look” Thursday, July 1, 2021 and relates to an internal company video call. In it, Roche’s chief development officer, Levi Garroy, 52, is said to have announced that the development division’s workforce should be reduced by “five to seven percent” by the end of the year. This corresponds to about 300 to 400 jobs worldwide, according to Garraway.

According to a “Blick” report, the causes of deforestation are apparently the increasing growth of the development division headed by Garraway. The American is based in California and takes care of one of Roche’s largest pharmaceutical portfolios. The pharmaceutical giant is investing tens of billions in research and development of new products.

Roche Group management is now slowing further growth and applying the red pencil. More than half of the development division is located in Basel and San Francisco, where most jobs will be cut.

Roche confirms plans

The savings plans have so far remained internal, and Roach confirms Levi Garay’s comments in the video call with “Blake.” “We will support all employees who may be affected,” spokeswoman Nina Melitz said. Once the plans are tangible, Roche will work closely with employee representatives. Roche also confirmed to AWP that there will be job cuts in the department. However, there was nothing in the statement about the range.

Roche strives to achieve the greatest possible benefit for patients while making costs to society sustainable. “In order to achieve this, our business must constantly evolve with the rapidly changing environment,” the statement said.

“Because this requires new business prioritization, shifts in our organization can lead to job cuts,” Roach explained. This week, employees talked about the corresponding plans.

layoffs in november

It appears that the employee whose service will eventually be terminated has not been determined. According to the newspaper report, the lists are currently being drawn up. Above all, people in project management, management and training should be affected. As of August, it should be clear who is infected.

According to the video call that “Blick” refers to, employee representatives will also be consulted. The wave of layoffs should begin in Great Britain, then other sites will follow. Affected employees will be fired in November.

Group management has not yet commented on CEO Severin Xuan on the savings hammer.